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Years passed and my life changed dramatically for many reasons.  My kids grew into adulthood, my first marriage exploded in my face and I somehow managed to reassemble myself.

Canada was my destiny, I suppose.

I’ve always taken a lot of pictures.  Being new to Canada–Northern Ontario, specifically–I took even more pictures.


My small town on the shore of Lake Huron.

On May 4, 2010, I was out on the lake and decided to attempt to shoot some panoramic shots.  My camera was capable of shooting a burst of five photos in under three seconds.  I took several such “bursts” of the lake and surrounding hills.

It was in one of those photos that I captured a disc-shaped object which appeared to be moving at an incredible rate of speed.

My Youtube channel, PLANETunderATTACK took life and I began “looking up” at a frequent and focused level.

I am often questioned and sometimes criticized for the name “PLANETunderATTACK.”  There are several reasons I chose this name–mostly due to the influence and abuse of humanity inflicted by the Grey Aliens which first came into view during the crash at Roswell, New Mexico.  It’s my belief that they have been “attacking” us for quite some time.  Additionally, humanity itself is quite abusive to its’ own, and this title reflects that.

Finally, and quite frankly, I thought the name sounded “cool” and would be easy for people to remember.

It wasn’t long before I began observing the weirdness of the reality of this place and it’s skies.  I’ve had several sightings and have recorded and published some of them on my Youtube channel.  These things appear in both day and night-time conditions.

My wife, as wonderful and loving as she is, was a harsh and brutal skeptic.  Not only of UFOs, but of me and my beliefs.

Until, of course, she witnessed her first “object.”

And, another.

And, another.

She has transformed from a stark critic and skeptic to what I like to call a “fearful believer.”  The entire concept–although she has accepted it–scares the living hell out of her.  I understand, completely.

Sometimes it scares me, too.

Several months back, our fear took on a different level.

This is her perspective:

About 3 a.m., she awoke to find me missing from bed.  This isn’t in itself unusual.  I occasionally wake up to visit the bathroom or smoke and return to bed.  She went out in the living room expecting to find me sitting on the couch with a glass of water and a cigarette.

I wasn’t there.

She checked our den where our computer is.  I wasn’t there, either.  She went out onto our back deck.  Again, nothing.

Panic set it and she ran down the stairs of our front door to check outside.  And then back in and down our back stairs.  She even looked in our car.

She couldn’t find me.

She ran back into our bedroom to find me in a dead sleep, on my usual side of the bed.

This is my perspective:

In the middle of the night, sound asleep, I’m suddenly being shaken awake to her hands on my shoulders and her panic-stricken voice saying, “Will–Will–where were you?  Where did you go?”

I said, “Nowhere, baby.  I’ve been sleeping.”

“You were gone–I couldn’t find you,” she exclaimed, panting with fright.

I insisted that I had been in bed, sleeping.

She resolved herself and composed herself and came back to bed.

Once again, I do not feel like an “abducted” person and never claim to be.

However, this night and her experience gives both of us an eerie pause.  We don’t speak of it, anymore.

In the meantime, she’s become a great supporter–even going as far as to encourage me to purchase a new and better camera as well as a respectable Bushnell telescope.  She wants to see my pictures and video and has even given me instructions to wake her up during an early morning or middle-of-the-night sighting.

She’s a great filter for my enthusiasm.

That, my friends, is the root of my background and the cornerstone of my drive and passion in seeking the truth about humanity’s greatest reality.

I’m not an expert and I’m not a scientist.

I’m an observer looking for truth.

And, at this point in time, I truly believe that “the truth is closer than the lie.”

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