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My name is Will and I’m a middle-aged man who lived most of my life in Arizona until two-and-a-half years ago.  It was back then that I met a wonderful Canadian woman, sold and gave away most of my possessions and relocated to Northern Ontario.  I actually live on an island in the middle of Lake Huron.


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Personal photo taken Feb 2012 from my back yard.

Some people call this “God’s Country.”  It’s quite beautiful here.My UFO experiences go way, way back to the early 1980s.Something important to know–and, I feel blessed for this fact–is that I almost always have at least one witness with me to verify sightings and events.

While camping in the Arizona desert on the shores of Lake Alamo with my girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, the dark of night brought a bizarre sight.  I don’t remember which of the four of us spotted it first…possibly my sister.

Above us, a strange cloud suddenly appeared.  A deep, vibrating red-glow emulated from it.  Additionally, wide beams of reddish light were descending to the ground in a sporatic pattern.

As one beam disappeared, another would appear.

My girlfriend and my sister’s boyfriend were scared to death and wanted to pack up and leave.  We stayed, however, and watched this “event” for nearly three hours before going to sleep in our tent.

A day or two later, an article appeared in The Arizona Republic which revealed that this incident had been seen and reported by hundreds of people.  Local astronomers, the FAA, local airports and even NASA has no explanation for what had occurred.

Decades passed before and I any type of similar experience.

Sadly, the famous “Phoenix Lights” sighting is something that I completely missed out on.  I don’t remember what I was doing that night–apparently it wasn’t “sky watching,” though.  My knowledge of the event is confined to local and national reporting.

I’ve always been a very adventurous and enthusiastic outdoorsman.  Fishing is a great passion of mine.

My sister’s second husband, Jack, and I quite often went night-fishing to a lake known for a healthy Largemouth Bass population.  Canyon Lake was a mere 45 minutes from our homes and we likely have fished there at night almost a hundred times.

One night, around the year 2002, we were making our usual drive through the desert, traveling a mountainous road we had driven many, many times, when a tightly grouped cluster of multi-colored lights appeared off to the left. The “object” was stationary and maybe a couple hundred feet above the ground.

Oddly, it wasn’t until a minute or two after we passed it that one of us asked, “Did you see that thing?”

I still wonder why we didn’t pull over and why it took us so long to acknowledge it to each other.

A few weeks later, this time out on my boat (at Canyon Lake), Jack suddenly exclaimed, “Will!  Will!  Turn around!  Get your camera!”

I turned myself in the boat to witness perhaps the most dramatic sighting of my life.

Hovering above the shoreline–maybe five-hundred feet from us–was a glowing white disk.  The light coming off it reminded me of a welding torch.  It made no sound and pulsed with a light that was as bright, if not brighter, than the daylight sun.

Stunned, I simply watched–dumbfounded–and made no attempt to grab my camera.  Thirty-seconds later, it simply vanished.

It was stunning.

While my previous sightings could be possibly explained away or otherwise dismissed, this one could not.

Photographing UFOs demands several important factors.  First, you must, of course, have a camera.  Second, you must possess enough basic skill to use the camera properly.  Lastly, you must be able to keep enough personal composure and focus to snap the photo (or video).

I failed that night on this third and most difficult factor.

Still, I had the experience and I had at least one witness to verify it.

A year or two later, again on the waters of Canyon Lake, Jack and I experienced a strange phenomenon.

It’s important to know that the boat we used was a 16-foot canoe that I equipped with an outrigger for stabilization.  I had mounted low-backed seats in the bow and stern and installed room for two batteries to run lighting, a fish-finder and a respectable trolling motor.  It was a great fishing boat, but in no way was spacious enough for one to lay down or sleep.

Our night-fishing trip usually involved us leaving our homes from the Phoenix area around 7 or 8 o’clock and returning sometime after dawn the next day.

On one such trip, we departed, arrived, launched the boat and began to fish.  Suddenly, we found ourselves watching the sunrise.  Jack checked his watch and was shocked to see that it was ten minutes before 5:00 am.

Neither one of us could recall a single thing about the night…usual or unusual.

Once again, I was absolutely stunned.

It’s important to know that I absolutely do not “feel” like any kind of “abductee.”  I have never claimed to be an abductee and have no evidence of such.  Other than, of course, a bit of missing-time.